The Mental Health Association's programming continues to revolve around the three broad areas of advocacy, education and support for individuals and families affected by a mental illness.

Since its founding in 1962, the Mental Health Association has advocated for the needs of adults and children with psychiatric and emotional difficulties.  This priority has guided our mission for almost five decades and is a constant reminder as we remain focused on educating the community-at-large and assisting individuals and families to receive effective and appropriate services and supports and to provide help, healing and hope.

Our Mission

The Mental Health Association in Cleveland County will promote mental health in our community through education, advocacy, and support.  We will work tirelessly to eliminate the stigma of mental illness and create an informed community of citizens who promote mental health and defend and support the rights of those persons impacted by mental illness.

Our Vision

We envision a community:

  • Where every citizen is informed about mental health, has access to quality mental health services, and faces no barriers to treatment.
  • Where every individual and family facing mental illness receives compassionate community support free of shame, fear, or judgement.
  • Where living with a severe mental illness no longer leads to broken families, economic despair, and homelessness.