Please join us for a series of community events taking place in Cleveland County April 20th-22nd

The vision for this inaugural series is to bring together individuals in Cleveland County from all walks of life for a number of events focused on health and wellness from the personal to the planetary.  To facilitate these events, we welcome accomplished author and world class traveler, Jon Turk, to Cleveland County. 

Many studies in recent years have documented measurable benefits on mental health from activities done in nature - walking, hiking, biking, whatever your chosen activity may be.  Research has also shown community connections to be a powerful protective factor for preventing depression and suicide. This series of events aims to tie together the importance of both - focusing on our connectedness to each other as well as to nature.

We hope you can join us to be a part of this series.  All events are free of charge, but donations are needed and appreciated!

These events are only possible through the collaboration of many community partners - individuals and organizations together, and every contribution counts!

Contributions of $100 - $200:  include an invitation to a special Thursday night (April 20th) event with Jon Turk + naming honors on a local tree planting

Contributions of $200.00+: include all the above +  a copy of Jon Turk's most recent book - Crocodiles and Ice

All donations are tax-deductible.  Donations by check can be mailed to MHA, PO Box 623, Shelby, NC 28151.  Checks should be written to Mental Health America of the South Mountains with "Healing with Nature" noted on the check. 


Praise for Jon Turk's Speaking from

Jim Harrison: Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values Southern Utah University
 "I have always believed that the aim of life is not only to experience all you can, but to become the type of person who inspires others to experience all they can. If I am right, then you can take pride in being a five star success. Your presentation is one of the very best that I have heard at our school in the past twenty years."
Dr. Natalie Dawson:  Wilderness Institute, University of Montana
"Jon’s energetic storytelling captures the audience, bringing them along on a wild ride through landscapes that many of us can only imagine. Everyone walks away from his stories with more insight into the world we all live in, the people we interact with, and the unseen gifts that we are given in challenging moments throughout our lives. I was honored to have Jon as a speaker in our lecture series. He inspired my students to go out there into the wild world, find their own stories, and create their own adventures."
Cilla Ann Moseley:  Swan Ecosystem Center
"All I have received are rave reviews of your talk at the event and everyone loved the workshop that attended."
Sean Morley:  Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium
"Your presentation was one of the best, most entertaining and inspiring presentations I have ever seen. Your standing ovation was well deserved."
Comment Sheet: Canoecopia
"The whole weekend was worth this one talk - thanks much!  Nice to have the balance between magic and logic at Canoecopia."

For more reviews and to learn more about Jon Turk, visit his website at: