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Healing with Nature 2018

We welcome Mary Ellen Lough to Cleveland County for a celebration of Poetry, Nature, Community, and Healing


Please join us on April 20th, 2018, from 6 - 8:30 PM at the Cleveland County Art's Council as we welcome renowned poet Mary Ellen Lough to Cleveland County. 

We are thrilled to welcome Mary Ellen Lough to the Cleveland County Arts Council on Friday evening, April 20th as a part of our 2nd Annual Healing With Nature events. The evening will begin with a potluck dinner and local music, followed by her presentation titled "Rewilding the Soul Through Poetry".

Join in a poetic exploration of our origins and longings, which belong to the landscape. The poet John O’Donohue says that our very bodies originate from the earth, that we have a “clay-ography” not just a “biography.” Healing can come as we rekindle our original connection to the land, both in our chosen communities, and the places of our ancestors. Poetry offers us an experience to “stand at the shores of our own immensity," reawaken our love relationship with a speaking, living, animate landscape, and belong again to our deep communion with the natural world.

Mary Ellen is a Poetic Medicine facilitator & single mother living with five children in an old farmhouse in southern Appalachia. She is also a world traveler, community organizer, activist, gardener, musician and writer. Mary Ellen teaches poetry as a practice of wholeness and path of integration everywhere from the VA hospital, homeless shelters, substance abuse centers, birth centers, public schools, universities, and conferences, to an old converted barn out in the mountains where a small group of people gather around a woodstove with tea in winter.

This event is open to the community and free of charge, but donations are needed and appreciated!


All donations are tax-deductible.  Donations by check can be mailed to MHA, PO Box 623, Shelby, NC 28151.  Checks should be written to the "Mental Health Association of Cleveland County" or "MHA" with "Healing with Nature" noted on the check.

To learn more about Mary Ellen Lough, visit her website at: maryellenlough.com

THANK YOU to our 2018 Contributors!

The support of these individuals and organizations not only allow us to bring Mary Ellen to Cleveland County for an open community event on April 20th, but have also supported additional events throughout the county including:

  •  A Poetry Contest for middle and high school students
  • Closed workshops with Mary Ellen for Turning Point Academy and Phoenix Counseling and Crisis Centers
  • Support for Environmental Service Projects on Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd

2018 Healing with Nature Benefactors


2018 Healing with Nature Sponsors

Ronald and Terry McCollum
in Honor of Eddie McCollum
Dr. Rebecca Love
Dr. Charles and Laura Lampley

2018 Healing with Nature Contributors

Jessica and Daniel Talbert
Yael Dimetros
Bill and Nancy McCullough
Jolly and Wayne Putnam


2018 Healing with Nature Friends

Woody Fish
Dorothy Houlditch
Josh Lee
Dr. David Walker